Have you ever felt really angry at something only to go and vent to a friend who then tells you to ... "calm down, it's not that bad"... and then felt like that interaction did nothing to help you feel better? Isn't it just the worst?

Or how about knowing that you're stressed and overworked, so you go and listen to some relaxing music, only to find that it's just too soothing... and that difference makes you feel irritated and does nothing for your stress levels?

Well, in therapeutic practice, we have to think about this difference a lot. If our clients are incredibly heightened, we can't go in with our calming therapy/yoga teacher voices, because that difference just sets the person off even more. Likewise, if someone's feeling really depressed and low, we have to come in quietly, gently, because anything too chirpy and happy would just be too discordant and no relationship would develop.

If we can read someone well (and kind of instantaneously), we can match their mood or energy levels and from there slowly bring them towards a state that is more conducive to their health and wellbeing. 

This whole concept is commonly described in music therapy language as the iso-principle. 
We decided to use this principle when designing our music and mindfulness tracks as we strongly felt that there was nothing like this out in the yoga/meditation/mindfulness world. All the recordings that we've come across have always stayed quite stagnant in that quiet, calm, relaxing state and that can be really jarring to us, especially to those of us who lead busy, active and fruitful lives. 

Think of Stillness Sounds as a mindfulness exercise, for people who don't like mindfulness.


We bring all our expertise from our music therapy practice, yoga teaching and electronic music production to bring you comprehensive music and mindfulness tracks specifically designed to help you find a calmer and more focused state.