stillness sounds


Stillness Sounds uses music therapy inspired methods to create comprehensive music and mindfulness tracks, specifically designed to help you find a calmer and more focused state. 

Try our complimentary 20 minute music and mindfulness track by clicking the download button below.



This page will be updated regularly to feature our latest music and mindfulness releases. 

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20 minute instrumental

By now you would have already heard our complimentary 20 minute guided music and mindfulness track (if not, download your copy through the home page!) This track is the same track without the guided meditation.

How will this benefit your life?

Removing the words helps us to move closer to the sensory, musical experience.  This version is great if you've had a day full of words (ie. talking, answering emails, reading and analysing) and your mind just needs a little bit of time out. 

Music therapists... might integrate our recording to aid relaxation during a session.
Yoga teachers... might find this track useful as they draw their class towards Savasana.
Perhaps you... will use this recording to help you fall asleep without distractions.